Hi and a BIG welcome to my website!

My name’s Maria Waterson, just a regular 43 year old mom from the outskirts of Portland in beautiful Oregon. I’m wife to Daniel, and together we live with my adorable 5 year old baby girl Jaya.

As a young girl growing up – my family didn’t have a lot of material things. We had little money for food and clothes, and there were certainly no luxuries.

But we were rich in the most important ways. My mother and father worked day in, day out to provide us a stable and loving environment for myself, my sister and 2 brothers.

And despite the lack of money, we always had healthy and nutritious home-cooked food to eat. We ate a largely vegetable based diet with some meat when we could afford it, and my mother was an expert in making a little go a long way… she had to be.

We made our own entertainments, spending all our free time playing outside… running, jumping, hiding… we were always full of energy.

I was lucky enough to attend a good college, and earn my bachelors degree in Nursing.

And the rest is history… I met the most wonderful man, and we’ve settled in a lovely part of the country.

However I have never ceased to be amazed and saddened that, despite the country’s richness in so many areas – there is such a widespread problem with health and fitness.

More and more people living their lives in front of screens, eating instant meals and junk food… buying into the marketing lies.

I couldn’t help but remember how we used to live so much healthier, and so simply, when I was a child.

So I decided to start this website… with no real idea where it would lead… but just to commit myself to actually take action rather than silently look on.

I want to share my passion for fitness, food and an all round active lifestyle.

I want to show anyone who stops by that there is a better way… how less is quite often more… and how much more rewarding life can be when you feel not just good, but great inside…

There’s always something new to see here – a new workout, recipe or something I’ve seen in the news… I’d be honored if you bookmarked me and stopped back from time to time 🙂